Friday, 19 October 2012

Vision and ASD

SIGHT: I have had more problems with sight then any other except touch. I had a lazy eye when I was a kid and had to have it patched for months to fix it. I have 400/20 vision in my left and 200/20 vision in my right. 

I have no depth perception or spacial awareness of any kind. I can not see any motion of any kind either so mos
t sports are out.

My vision is always blurry even with glasses they are blurry and staticy looking. I have very poor night vision if at all.

I bump into stuff all the time and it hurts. I stub my toes on stuff all the time and they really hurt. I trip over my feet all the time and it hurts and throes me off balance and makes me fall down a lot of the time.

I have a hard time telling what is real and what is not real because my vision is so bad I can not see enough detail to tell for sure.

I see blotches of shapes that fade in and out of my vision that distract me and make it hard to concentrate.

I have a hard time reading because all the words get jumbled together for me and I have to say each one in my head slowly for me to be able to read it properly. I am a slow reader but I do get more out of what i read then some people do.

I can not read stuff when I am moving to and from them the words just go out of focus and can not be read.

I can not read time if it is not in a stable point for the same reason. that is why I wear a watch or that I always have the time close at hand.

I can not see my body if I am in motion. if my arms or legs are in motion I can not see them they are just a blur going by and not distingisble.

I have to look at my feet and try to predict where they are going to land and adjust on the fly for them to land on a flat and stable spot so that I don't fall down.

I have to be careful of ware my hands and arms are at all times so that they do not accidentally hit, smack or otherwise get into trouble that I did not mean for them to get into.

I also have to do the same for my legs and feet because it can happen so fast that their is nothing i can do to stop it once it has begun.

I see 10x more light then their really is so I prefer to do work in a dusky semi dark room with little light and windows with blinds turned tight. right now I am in such a room typing this up for you. no lights on just a little light coming through the blind slits.

I see even less without my glasses but even with them I do not really see much at all.

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