Saturday, 13 October 2012

Spotting a disabled person and ASD

I can spot a disabled person a mile away just by looking at them but maybe that is because I am disabled so I know what to look for. For most people if I don;t tell them that i am disabled they never know. and most of them when I do tell them that I have autism they don't believe me and I have not met anyone other then the people on the FX groups that know anything about FX so it has been pointles
s in telling people about that because they don;t have a clue what it is but they know what autism is. The only time that people have figured out that I am disabled is when I was working in retail and customers kept complaining about me to management about my behaviours and the way that I acted. My co workers would watch me work and they got suspicious about me and it was brought up at a staff meeting so I had to explain that I had autism and that was why I was the way I was. after that the staff had my back and would come in to help me if it looked like I could use it with helping customers. I have found it is better to tell your co workers and management about the disability so that they can help you succeed in the job.

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