Friday, 9 November 2012

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Spreading awareness about ASD

I really want to spread awareness I do not think their is enough info from people with Aspergers about what it is really like to live with it. People would be way more understanding of people affected by it if they new what we have to go through.

Removing Aspergers from the DSM

I think it is a big mistake to get rid of the Aspergers DX because without it in their most of us will not get a proper DX and will not get the services or support we deserve. I would have been DXed as PDD-NOS which is what they were wanting to push on me but for one nero doc that said it was Aspergers. I would not have liked to have to live my life with a DX of not otherwise specific. That is not a good DX to have in my opinion. I am much happier with the Aspergers DX.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

A little bit about me

Hi my name is Jeremy Tolmie I am 31 years old and have Aspergers Syndrome OCD, SPD, PTSD, ADHD, Dispraxia, Depression, Social phobia, Panic disorder, anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and psychotic episodes with psychosis. 

I am a certified computer technician having graduated from Academy of Learning with my Computer Service Technician Diploma with honers. 

I work for Literacy Central Vancouver Island as a computer technician. I refurbish donated computers that go to families with kids on welfare. 

I love computers, hockey, star trek, video games, alternative music, crime tv shows, most movies except romantic comedies, lord of the rings, harry potter, most fantasy and sifi books movies and games, Netflix, apple products, reading, writing and blogging, Facebook, cartoons, comics, and so much more.

I run two blogs and have published a book on what it has been like for me growing up with Aspergers Syndrome and not knowing it till I was 17.

my blogs are at

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My book can be purchased at

I am always up to making new friends on FB and getting new followers for my blogs. I am also always up to talking to people about what it has been like for me. Or about anything that they want to talk about. I am way more social on FB then I am in person that is why I love FB and am glad that it is around so that I can feel good about being social and giving me the time I need to make conversations.

That is a bit about me and I hope to chat to you all more in the future.