Thursday, 18 October 2012

being laid off and anxiety and ASD

I got laid off of my job on January 2nd and have been unemployed ever since. I volunteer refurbishing computers once a week but that is not the same as working. Ever since then my anxiety has been through the roof and has crippled my life as I know it. I started hallsenating and hearing voices by the summer time and by september I had to start Risperidone a anti-psycotic med to stop all of that. I
t does not help with the anxiety though and it is really bad lately. Plus with all of that going on I just recently found out about the FXS and started my blog and writing my book. I am just getting a little overwhelmed and am not able to get my emotions and anxiety under control. I don;t know if I have ever been ok and will probably never be ok till I get on one of these what seem like miracle drugs that are in clinical studies right now. The things I have read make me feel like their is hope even at my old age of 30 I could get some relief from some of the worst parts of FXS.

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