Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pretending to be a dog and ASD

When I was little I thought it would be better to be a dog then a boy so I started to act like a dog. I stopped walking and would only crawl. I stopped talking and would only bark. I stopped potty training and would just go when ever. I stopped eating at the table and would only eat on the floor and so on. I did this for over a month till my parents had had it and grounded me with no food til
l I started to act like a boy again. Thinking back on it it was a really strange thing to do because I gave up watching TV, playing games, or with my toys, I gave up everything to do with being a boy and only did stuff that a dog would do. I dug in dirt, sniffed peoples buts, used my feet to scratch myself, laid around and slept where ever I felt like it. I even stopped sleeping in my bed and just slept on the ground next to my bed. I would not use my hands for anything including eating. I would drink out of a bowl like a dog and eat like a dog with out using my hands just biting at the food. It must have looked really funny for awhile for my parents to see me go to such lengths to be a dog. I got over it but would occasionally act like a dog for a afternoon till I turned 8. To this day i still can not see why I did it but I guess at the time I felt it was easier to be a dog then be me with all the problems that I had to face that a dog really does not have to face.

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