Friday, 19 October 2012

Sound and ASD

This is going to be about the hyper sensitivity of the senses.

Sound: my hearing is so good that I can hear my own hart beat, my own breaths, my head pawning, ear whiling, skin tubing, cloths rubbing, my own swallowing, teeth chattering, everything from my body I can hear in 10x volume. 

I can hear every sound my house makes. the hum of the lights, the buzz of the TV, the hum of the fans, the 
creaks of the wood expanding and contracting, the tick tock of a clock, the grind of a computer hard drive, the fly flying around in the other end of the house. i hear everting in 10x mode. I can hear the buzz a TV makes when it is on but no sound is coming out of it and I can hear it from the other end of the house.

I can hear every car moving from miles around and can detect different engine sounds from each and every one of them. I can hear car doors opening and closing from miles around. I can hear people talking from miles around and sometimes if i concentrate I can make out what they are saying and repeat it back to anyone listening to me.

I can hear every plane flying within miles of me and can pick out the different sounds different plans make or whether it is a helicopter instead. I can hear every ferry that passes by and can tell how fast they are going based on the sound that they make. all of this at 10x volume.

when I go into a crowded space with lots of people talking I can hear every conversation all at once and it just gets overwhelming.

No wonder why I like it alone by myself in a secluded space where their is very few sounds to deal with. NO wonder why I hate eating out or going to the movies or anywhere where their is lots of people. I hear everything at 10x so it is a amazing thing if I can respond to people under theses situations.

This is just me but it may be your kids to that have it just as bad as I do. Keep that in-mind the next time they have a melt down in public. they just have not learned to adapt to the mass amount of information their brains are trying to deal with.

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