Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sink or Swim school

I was in a sink or swim school that did not pass you if you could not do the work and get at least a 50% grade. I wanted very much to pass and stay with my classmates. 
I was never better than a C student but at least I passed.


  1. You can 'C student' like that's a bad thing. IDK about the country you live in but C is considered average here in the US. I know all parents want their kids to get A's but not all kids learn in the same manner and some kids just do not test well. If you managed to be a C student without a diagnosis of FX & ASD and no modifications to your assignments that is something to be SUPER PROUD OF!!! It just goes to show your ability to conform and thrive in a society and a world that has to be a very nasty place for ASD kids. That is awesome, Jeremy and I hope you know just how fantastic being a C student really is!

    1. It is considered average here too in canada but I always wanted to be better then average at the time. When you don't know something is wrong with you you tend to want more than you would otherwise. Thank you now that I look back on it I did do very well considering everything that I was going through.