Thursday, 4 October 2012

Me Meds and ASD

When I was 16 my parents made me go to a psychiatrist. I did not want to go but they made me so I went. The doc sent less than a hour with me and said I had OCD and put me on 20mg of Paxil and 1mg of Anafenel to combat the symptoms. 
I was also on a med for my acne which was a high dose of vitamin A.
With in a couple of weeks I was felling way better and all of my anxiety had gone away. But it
 did not last long because within another couple of weeks all hell broke louse. I started acting out and having massive meltdowns for no apparent reason. So they upped the meds to 30mg of Paxil and 1.25mg of anafenel.
In a couple more weeks it got even worse and I started hitting and bitting and flipping out. The docs said mental illness can appear around this age and so did nothing about it. One day I skipped school took a sledge hammer to the side door and trashed the house thoroly and took every thing of value out of the hose in garbage bags into the empty lot next door.
When I was done I called 911 to report that the house had been broken into. So the police came by and took statements. My parents got home just minutes after the police had showed up. They were devastated at what had been done to their house.
A couple of days latter I went to look at the bags of stuff that I had took because it had snowed the day before.
My mom found my tracks and found the stash of stuff and was really exited and got me and my dad to lug the bags back to the house and check that everything was in them that was stollen and sure enough all was accounted for. They called the cops and the cops came and took fingerprints off of the bags and made us come down to the station to get our finger prints taken.
So that night i freaked out because I knew my prints would be all over those bags and got caught by my parents when I tried to steal the computer back again.
They informed the police that I had done it and not to go to all of the effort.
The police wanted me to get some help but they never did.

This is part two of me at 16.
the next day I was put in the psych ward at the hospital because I had such terrible panic attacks because I had broken the only computer in the house and I could not live without a computer to play with.
I stayed in the psych ward for almost a month till they finally said I had to leave they needed my bed.
They did lots of testing on me but all they could come up wit
h was that I was social phobic with other anxiety disorders and they did not know why I was behaving the way that I was.
My dad visited me every day in the ward and we would talk and go for walks and do stuff together. My mom never came to se me not even once. My dad said she could not bare to see me like that it hurt too much and all she could do was cry.
I went home and went back to school but I did not last more than two weeks before it got so bad that I just dropped out of school.
I stayed home by myself for four months before my parents were able to get me into a special hospital for kids with disabilities.
I had to stay their for three weeks to get a bunch of tests done on me to find out what was going on.
I was supposed to have weekend visits with my parents where i got to go home and then come back on monday. But they decided I was not ready when the first weekend visit was supposed to happen. So they said I could not go home for the weekend and would only be able to go out for a few hours each day.
My dad told them that I was going to make a run for it and their was nothing that they could do to stop me. they said not to worry this is a locked ward and their is no way that he can get out of here.
Well every day they have a shift change and we are sent to our rooms that are not locked and made to wait their till they come for us.
That day I did not wait I snuck out of my room their was no one around and so I wandered out the door into the hall and told the security guard that I had a pass to go for a walk and he let me outside and I made a run for the road out of their. I ran for two blocks before I had to slow down to a walk and kept on going heading for the highway to go home.

I waked for four hours before someone stopped and offered me a ride. He thought I was a friend of his but he felt sorry for me so he gave me a ride.
the hospital was 60 miles away from the ferry terminal that I had to take to get home. I had waled 12 miles by that point and was dead tired and had planed to sleep in the ditch till morning and continue on.
I gave him all the money I had which was $6 to pay for the gas he used to get me to the ferry. I made the last ferry home and one of the ferry workers recognized me and new my parents were in Victoria spending the weekend with me their because my dad had talked to him on his way over to town.
So he gave me a ride home and got in touch with my dad about me being at home.
I called the hospital to tell them where I was and to tell my parents that that is where I was.

This is part 3.
I spent the night with no one at home me all by myself and my parents came home the next day. they got home in the early afternoon so I had the whole house to myself. I liked it that way and I did not mind it one bit and got into no trouble at all.
We spent the weekend talking and trying to figure things out and went home monday morning back to the hospital to finish with the tes
They clanged my med to 10mg of Paxil and 1mg of resparadone. It did not help me much but they had to try something. With in a day of the change I threatened to burn the place to the ground and that I saw flames erupting from every ware.
All they could say is that I have PDD-NOS but could not tell us anything useful.
We got home and the psychiatrist changed the meds agin to 50mg of Zoloft and 1.25mg of resparadone.
Things went from bad to worse within a couple of weeks I had set the house on fire and was a ranting lunatic.
The cops charged me with arson and sent me for a psych eval at a youth detention facility.
Their they took me off all my meds because they could not get them to me.
I spent a month in their and they came back that I was a hyproconriac and their was nothing wrong with me at all.
The courts put me on house arrest till they figured out what to do with me.
My parents got a good lawyer to fight the case and it took 8 months to get it all figured out.
Eventually the case was dropped with it being labelled mental incopitacy to stand trail.

This is part 4.
So After the prison I went home and my parents did not know what to do with me because the hose was toast and they were living in a tent while it was being repaired.
So they got me back into that hospital that I was talking about for more tests.
I went their for 5 weeks because I was so much better off of all the meds that they did not know what to say to my parents. they wanted
 to say that I needed to be put in a nut house and never let out. But I was so much better that that was no longer a option.
After all the tests they came back with Aspergers Syndrome as the DX for me.
I got to go home with my parents and they still did not know what to do with me so they put me into a full time youth care home.
Their I lived and was only allowed to see my parents every second week.
i hated it their and it was not a good experience for me.
I lived their for over a year till finally I had to leave because I had gotten too old for them. I had turned 19 and was out of the youth system and into the adult one.
The insurance company did not want to pay the claim on the fire damage to the house. But eventually once the court dropped the charges they decided they had to pay up and so they paid my parents $90000 for the repairs that needed to be done on the house.
I went into a day programme for persons with disabilities for the next 8 months and really enjoyed it as I got to work on a ranch taking care of horses. I got to ride the horses too which I liked about it also.
After that I got into a vocational program at the local collage that was a two year course and I did really well in it.
After that I went and got my Computer Service Technician Diploma and have never looked back since.


  1. I love your honesty about the things you have been through. I got all teary reading how you overcame those things and went to go get a college education. Way to go Jeremy! That is amazing! :)

    1. Thank you I really wanted to be a computer technician so I pushed myself really hard and got the college diploma to become one.