Monday, 1 October 2012

Karate and ASD

My parents started me in karate on my 8th birthday and I continued with it till we moved when I was 12. They felt it would be good for me to build some muscle and try to help me defend myself from all the bullying that was happening to me.
I got to the third to last belt that they gave out the blue belt. Only the brown, and black belts were above mine so that was pretty good for me. 
They thoug
ht that I would make some friends their also but alas that was not the case all the other kids hatted me because I would not put up a good fight when we spared.
What they did not know is that i was holding back because I was afraid of hurting them.
I got pretty good at all the katas and drills that I had to do. I could jump over object to kick someone. I could break boards with my fists and with kicks. I got to play with wooden swords and num-chucks and learn ninja moves because I was the best behaved in the class. That does not say much about the rest of the class mind you.
I went twice a week for 5 years but once we moved it was too hard to stay in the class and so I had to stop going.

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