Friday, 19 October 2012

Smell and ASD

Smell: my smell is so good that I can detect the smallest amounts of smell off of people, animals, food, drink ext. I can not stand perfume or cologne because their is too much smell to deal with. I smell things with 10x the smell senses then a NT person does. 

I can smell the mill that is two towns over with its sulphur scented s
moke poring in the air. the higher the concentration of the smell the more chance of rain that we will have in my town.

I can smell the grass from inside my house with all the windows closed. I can smell the trees and flowers the same way. I always keep my windows and doors closed to not have to smell as strongly the outside smells.

I can just walk by someone and know if they are wearing perfume or cologne or even deodorant that day.

some smells I like so I want to smell more of them others I hate and gag if I even start to smell them.

I can smell other peoples cooking from 4 doors down and can tell what they are having for supper.

smell is a funny thing because it does not affect me nearly as much as some of the senses it is a minor inconvenience to me but does not hurt me.

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