Saturday, 13 October 2012

My GPA from school and ASD

I was a 2.1 GPA student all through school and high school and did not even graduate from high school. I only completed grade 10 I drooped out in grade 11 because of all the problems with the meds that I was on. I never was on the honer roll or even on the honourable mention list.

Once i went to collage I became a 4.00 GPA and got on the Deans list and graduated with honers. 

I first went into
 a Employment and life skills vocational program for people with disabilities for 2 years and then went into the Computer Service Technician Diploma program for 1 year after that.

I got a 4.00 GPA and on the Deans list and graduated with honers from both of the programs that I did. So that says that when I do a course that I like and am good at I really can excel at it and ace it like no other can.

So if your kid is fairly high functioning but did not do well in school does not mean that collage is out of the question. you just have to find the right courses to take that will make them excel at them.

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