Friday, 19 October 2012

Touch and ASD

TOUCH: I feel everything at 10x strength. I feel every imperfection in my clothes and it bugs me to no end sometimes.

I can feel every little ting going on in my body. I feel my hart pumping, my chest rising and falling, my lungs filling and emptying of air, my ribs moving up and down, the pain in my ribs with each movement, the p
ain in my chest as this movement happens, the pain in my finger joints trying to type this out, the hart palpitations with working on this blog, the throb of blood running through my body and brain, the throb of the blood in my ear, the pain in both my elbows, the bad pain in my back and neck, the pain in my toe joints and the balls of my feet that ache all the time, the hip pain that is giving me a limp, the bad headache that I always seem to have.

I feel everything that touches my body or that I touch with my body by 10x.

when I shake your hand it hurts me to do it but I do it because it is what is expected of me.

when I knock on a door it also hurts me and I do it for the same reasons.

wearing cloths put me in constant pain that I have just gotten used to and live with it.

I do not like wearing glasses but I can not see at all without them so I put up with them but they hurt me a lot.

I wear shoes so my feet don't get wet but they really hurt me and cause lots of pain for me.

I wear a hat to keep my head dry and my eyes shielded but it itches my head and hurts my head and I would rather not wear it but it is better then the other way.

It hurts me when people touch any part of me I really hate people touching my hair or shoulder it is painful and hurtful and i do not like it.

It hurst me every time i have to make a step but if I do not I will not go anywhere so I trudge through the pain and hurtfulness and take those steps.

blankets touching me can cause me pain and discomfort and so can pillows and sheets.

99% of the pain and hurt I feel is caused by me experiencing way to much felling with touch.

I wish I found not feel anything it would have to be better then what it is for me because I can not last much longer with all the hurt and pain I have to deal with each and every day just to get up out of bed is painful and hurtful for me.


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