Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Vision and ASD

I am considered legally blind without my glasses. I had lazy eye when I was little and had to ware a patch for 2 months when I was 3 to fix the lazy eye. I am very far sighted with a 400/20 vision in my left eye and 200/20 in my right eye. It was my left eye that was lazy and still is a little lazy even today. I can not see any motion of any kind and have no depth perception or spacial awarene
ss. That is why sports are pretty much out of the question because if you can not see any motion you can not play sports with moving objects that are coming at you. they just bounce off of you and or fly past you so it is not worth tying to play them. although i tried very hard to play all sports and failed miserably at all of them except golf and bowling. That is also why I choose not to drive because I can not see the sings or tell where the other cars are in relation to my car.

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