Thursday, 18 October 2012

Herbal meds and ASD

In February of 2010 I started a herbal drug for allergies called quesertan. My mom thought it would be better then cleiden because it was herbal. It had dire consciences and made this really bad for me. I started helusenating and hearing voices. I started stealing money and goods from home and work. I started acting out and lying to everyone. it went on like this till april. My parents deci
ded to leave me at home for two weeks by myself while they went to palm springs to go golfing. On april 21st of 2010 I was arrested for theft and escorted to the back office where we waited for the polince. they asked me questions and I told them I have autism and that the voices told me to do it which was true to both accounts. the police came and handcuffed me and hulled out of the store into a police car where i was read my rights and what i was charged with and let go. I was in total melt down mode and did not know what to do. my parents were thousands of miles away and I had no one to talk to about what just happened. I got back on the ferry to go home and walked the 3 miles home. when I got home I emailed my parents and told them what had happened and waited. I paced the house, rocked, jumped, moaned and so on. it took what felt like forever but was only a half hour or so before they phoned. I whimpered while I told them what had happened me getting arrested for theft and feeling so out of control. they told me to stay at home they would call one of our friends and get them over their to help me and stay with me and they would take the first flight back home and would deal with what has happened. While I waited for the friend to get their I scratched my arms and dug my nails into my fists. I was really out of control and was having thoughts of hurting myself and or killing myself. When the friend got their I was really wound up and quenching my fists into tight balls with the nails digging into my skin so hard they were starting to bleed. They took one look at me and phoned my parents and said I was in bad shape and they were afraid to be around me. My parents suggested to get me to want to go to the hospital into the psych ward. So they asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and I said yes. So they called 911 and told the operator to send a ambulance and gave the address that they had a young man that wants to go to the hospital and is acting like a danger to himself and others. The police shoed up 10 minutes later and did a search and pat down of me to make sure I was safe to transport. Then the ambulance came and I got in and they took me to the hospital that was in the city so yet another ferry ride but this time in a hospital. I got to the hospital and they made me wait for ever. I had to give them a pee sample so they could do a test on it and find out what I was on that was making me crazy. I told them that I was their for a detox that the drug quesertan was to blame and that I just needed a couple of days to detox and I would be fine. it took 5 hours to get admitted to the psych ward and get a bed so it was after 10 by this time and i just wanted to sleep. they were supposed to give me something for me to sleep and calm down but they never did. I did not get any sleep that night and the next day was pretty rough on me. I got to so a psych doc and he researched it and said it was the quesertan that caused it that it is bad for people with autism or psychotic tendencies. he perscribed a anti-psycotic med Risparedone and Ativan plus omega 3. the ativan is for the panic attacks. the risperidone is for the voices and such. the omega 3 is to help keep the brain connections working properly. I stayed their for 3 days and then my parents got their and talked to the doc and he said if they wanted to they could take me home so they discharged me and I went home. It took 6 months but I was able to get my job back a work I just was not allowed to work with cash. I could just stock the shelves and answer customers questions. I got off with the charge of theft because it was not my fault it was the herbal med that I was on that caused the problem. so all I had to do was pay them back and write a apology letter with a essay on 
how much companies loose in employee theft. So I did that and all is good. but in the end I did end up loosing my job and have not been able to get hired by anyone else as a result of my history.

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