Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Anxiety and ASD

I have some of the highest rates of anxiety in the world only 1% of the world experiences higher anxiety then me. I get panic attacks on a daily basis and am in a constant anxiety attack. I am so used to my anxiety that most of the time I do not even notice it. I am social phobic, closti phobic (phobic of enclosed spaces), and afraid of stuff happening to me at any given moment that could hurt 
me or kill me. I am afraid to go outside or go anywhere. I am afraid even at home of something happening to me. I hate how much anxiety that I feel and have to go through. I can not seem to get people like my parents or my doctors to understand how much anxiety that I have. they don't want me on meds for it and I really could use some meds for it. I can not stand to feel like this it is crippling my life and I am not able to do basic life functions as a result of how bad it is for me. I am afraid of everything you could possibly imagine happening all the time. Please just make it stop I can not live like this.

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