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List of Common Symptoms of FX

every one with a x is a match to me and the ones that don't could be but I don;t know. except for the female ones.

List of Common Symptoms

Here is a list of the common symptoms that may be experienced by those affected by Fragile X Syndrome. Intellectual disability of one degree or other is common to all affected individuals but other symptoms vary from person to person. Not everyone with Fragil
e X has the same signs and symptom or to the same degree. Affected females tend to suffer less from the symptoms present in males but may have their own particular issues.

Development Delays
Crawling x
Speech x
Sitting x
Walking x
Toilet Training x

Possible Physical Features
Chest with a “hollow” look x
A squint or “turn” in the eye x
Eyelids that tend to puffiness x
Elongated face – long forehead and jaw (more evident after puberty)
Flat feet (pes planus) x
High arched palate x
Hyper-extensible joints x
Large testicles (evident after puberty) x
Low muscle tone x
Prominent ears x
Single Palmar Crease – WIkipedia description x

Possible Behavioral Symptoms
Anxiety and shyness x
Attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity
Autism and autistic-like behavior * x
Chewing of Clothes
Concentration Difficulties x
Eye Contact difficulties x
Fixed interests in certain subjects x
Dislike of change in routine x
Hand biting and hand-flapping x
Hyperactivity and short attention span
Inability to control emotions x
Impulsivity x
Perseveration – repetition of the same actions or words x
Poor eye contact x
Disturbed sleep x
Tantrums or other emotional outbursts. x
* Autistic symptoms and autistic-like behaviors include many of the other symptoms listed above. x

Possible Medical Issues
Eyes – squint (strabismus ) x, long sightedness x and visual perceptual problems. x
Epilepsy (about one in four)
Ear Infections x
Joints subject to dislocation x
Mitral Valve Prolapse – Wikipedia description
Hyper sensitivity of the senses (sound, smell, touch) x for all

Possible Symptoms common to affected females
Shyness and Moodiness
Lack of social skills
Avoidance of social contact
Depression and anxiety.
Refusing to talk in certain situations (selective mutism).

Female Carriers
Unaffected by the symptoms above but may suffer from
Premature Menopause

Male Carriers
Older male carriers may suffer from
FXTAS – Fragile X-associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome

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