Thursday, 20 September 2012

The first move with a touch of heat stroke

When my parents moved from Brandon Manitoba to Nanaimo BC it was one of the hottest summers on record. We left the middle of August 1984 to have a new start in a new city where the weather was much nicer then that of the prairies.
On the way I got a bad case of heat stroke and had to be taken to the hospital in Kamloops BC. My parents had to give me cold showers and popsicles to get me rehydrated and drop my temperature.
We were taking different cars when we got to the ferry. My dad was in the moving van and my mom and me were in the car. We were able to get on the ferry but my dad with the moving van did not. He had all the information about where we were going once the ferry landed. We had all the money with us so he could not buy anything.
When the ferry landed my mom just found a place to park and we waited for my dad with the moving van to come on the next ferry.
My mom got very sick with the flue latter that day so my dad had to unload every thing from the moving van into the new apartment by himself up two sets of stairs. While me and my mom laid down and had a nap.

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