Friday, 21 September 2012

Friends and ASD

I did not make my first friend till a kid down the road showed up and started talking to me about him self and how much he loved planes trains and big equipment. I made a friend in no time and that was when I was 4 years old. My second friend I made was a referral from him so one day at school he introduced this other kid to me and that was when I was 6 and in grade 1. So latter that day the kid asked me if I wanted to be friends with him so I said sure.

My friendship with the first friend ended when I was 16 but It was on the way out since I was 10. When I made friends with a new kid to school my first friend got really jealous and it hurt out friendship hard.

My friendship with my second friend ended when he turned 12. He wanted to be with the cool kids and I was not one of them so we went our separate ways and have not seen each other since.

the third friend ended when he turned 13 the same old story he was too good to be friends with me so we went our separate ways and have not seen each other since.

 had found two boys 2 years younger than me that because my friends once I started grade 8. so for that year I had two friends but it did not last one moved away at the end of the school year and the other wanted cooler friends his own age.

When I started grade 9 I met my BFF who just lives less than a block away. He is disabled himself so it is a good matchup. I don;t know what his disability is. It has something to do with having a extra x chromosome but still being male.

We have been friends ever since then and keep in touch on a regular occasion. He is married now but is unable to have kids. His wife has ADHD so they are good together.

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