Friday, 21 September 2012

New School and ASD

So I went to a new school for grade 7 on a small island where they do not take kindly to the city folk. I had no friends and the kids their was being as miserable to me as they possibly could be.

The pushed me, hit me, spit on me, body checked me, sandwiched me and every possible thing to make me unwelcome their.

During recess I used to stand in a corner by myself and try not to get anybody attention so that they would just leave me alone.

At lunch i would just try and find a quiet place by myself to eat my lunch in peace with out being called names or having my lunch splashed on me.

Both my parents were working full time so they had no idea how bad it was for me or what was going on at school.

It got so bad that i just started not going to school and staying home sick. My voice had dropped by then so I would call in sick pretending to be my dad.

It worked to for more than a month I did not go to school. Till one day one of the teachers from the school bumped into my parents at the grocery store and asked after my health about why I had missed so much school.

That was the end of my staying at home from school. So I put on a brave face and got the rest of the year out of the way as quickly and quietly as I could.

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