Thursday, 25 July 2013

My school life

It would be dull to be normal their would be no fun and no adventure to go on. Kids are very mean with the name calling, i was called many nicknames that were hurtful and nasty. In preschool i spent the whole time hiding underneath tables and playing by my self. I don't know what the other kids thought of me but it was probably not good. I have no use of my left hand so it is a good thing that I am right handed but even at that I can barley use my right hand. I never liked recess and used to just play by my self in a corner. i was called nasty names all through school and into adult hood but now it is a blessing. being a nerd or geek gets you into better careers and into a better life for yourself. I was very shy and the teachers and other kids did not even notice me in school. I never raised my hand or helped out in class. I was the invisible kid just plugging along doing the work that was needed. I had a big stuttering problem in fourth grade that did not help much. I was teased badly for that. I was no good at sports because I have no depth perception and can not see any motion and can not kick or run properly to save my life. I was called germy instead of my name for years. I am irish and a bit of Scottish and dutch. in sixth grade I had a bully that used to trip me up many times a day and beat me up. I even got a restraining order against him but it did no good. I used to get chased by a group of kids and if they caught up to me they would beat me up badly. After 6th grade my parents moved and put me in a new school hoping it would be better but it ended up to be much much worse for me. every kid was beating me up and taking advantage of me and calling me everything in the book. I skipped almost 2 month of seventh grade because it got so bad that i was too scared to go to school so I stayed home and called in sick pretending to be my dad because my voice had changed by then. I had to take a ferry and two busses to get to school in grade 8 through 12 and got beat up and picked on on the ferry and the bus rides. had two bus rides going their and two coming home again. some times the other kids would not even let me sit down on the ferry and on the busses. and the bus drives did not care that i had to stand while they were in motion. Grade 6 through 10 were the hardest years of my life next to what happened to me in grade 11. I had only one friend in grade 7 through 12 and till today. I had a different friend in 7th and 8th and my BFF that i met in grade 9. I was tormented real badly in PE so in grade 9 I got two doctors notes excusing me from having to do PE and so I got out of it. I tried to fake sickness from grade 6 on word because of how bad it was for me to go to school. I was cared for my life and was upset all the time. the one time I went to a youth centre to hang out i got into a big fight and was beat to a pulp. I never went back to any youth centres.

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